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Liesje's Punishment Day

I made an appointment with Liesje to come over so we can discuss her behaviour but when she didn't show up, I called her. She told me she was sick so I told her when she was feeling better, she will come over. After I hung up, I checked the social media and there I saw that she was clearly on a beach somewhere enjoying the sunshine. I called her back, she confessed, and I ordered her to get her bottom here right now! Now instead of just one spanking she got a punishment day. I started with a hard hand spanking over my knee Then she had to vacuum downstairs naked This was not done fast enough so I gave her a sound strapping and a bare bottom birching Then I told her to put one one of our St. Catherines school uniforms and she had to do lines sitting on her bare bottom. Then I finished of with a hard tawsing and she had to touch her toes for a hard caning from Real Life Spankings!

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